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Find local information about Washington Township (Long Valley) located in Morris County, NJ.

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Washington Township Historic Society

Washington Township Historic Documents: Washington Township’s extensive collection of municipal records received preservation help with a grant from the Morris County Heritage Commission and a matching grant from the Washington Township Library. The $4,470 in grant monies provided for the preservation and conservation of municipal documents along with the digitization of conserved records. This collection can be accessed by clicking here.

Washington Township Historical Society

Washington Township History

Washington Township Architectural Heritage

Washington Township Stone Buildings


History of the Washington Twp. Public Library

Library service in Washington Township began in the 1920s with small library stations established in private homes throughout the township, until the P.T.A. set up a community library in the Long Valley school in the 1950s.  In 1967, as a result of the efforts of the Long Valley Women's Club and the Historical Society, the Washington Township Library Association was formed and the Washington Township Public Library opened on Fairview Avenue.  As an Association Library, i.e., a private library open to the public, the library derived its income largely from contributions and was staffed principally by volunteers, receiving assistance and services from the Morris County Free Library.                                                                                    

With the rapid growth of township population came increased demand for services.  In 1981, the library moved to larger quarters on Schooley’s Mountain, gradually increasing its paid staff to meet clerical and professional needs.                                                                                                                                     

In 1983 the Library Trustees appointed a Citizen's Task Force to study and make recommendations for long-term goals for library service to a still rapidly growing Township.  On the basis of the Task Force Report, and with significant community involvement, a successful referendum was passed by voters in November 1984 to establish a municipal library, making it, by law, a tax-supported institution.                        

As the Township continued to grow it was recognized that a new facility was needed.      
Ground was broken in Rock Spring Park for a new facility May 1995.  The new Washington Township Public Library opened to the public June 1996.

As stated in the “Library Task Force Reports and Recommendations,” the mission of the Washington Township Public Library shall be "to meet the cultural, educational, recreational and informational needs, in all its many formats, of the residents of Washington Township.”                                                            



WTPL's Digital History Project

We have scanned booklets, maps, newspapers and other documents pertaining to Washington Township historical information. Many of these documents are now available in the list below and others are available at the library.  We hope that those who are interested in Washington Township history will find this to be an invaluable resource...(click arrow above to see more)

Some of these files -- especially the booklets -- are very large, so please be patient while they load onto your computer.

Note that to view many of the documents posted here, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  If you do not, you can go to Adobe's website to download the software for free.

To change the image size, mouse over the image.  If a "magnifying glass" appears, click on the image to enlarge it; click again to reduce its size.  If you don't see the magnifying glass, place your mouse over the image near the bottom.  A line of controls should appear on the image.  The + and - allow you to control the size of the image.  The up and down arrows allow you to navigate through images that have multiple pages.










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